Evening mood, 1932

Oil on hardboard
27 x 34 cm

Nature with its unmistakable play of light – especially at sunrise and sunset – was an indispensable source of artistic inspiration for the painter André Evard throughout his life. As his main residence in La-Chaux-de-Fonds is located around 1,000 metres above sea level, he was able to enjoy a very special view of this natural spectacle.  The large number of paintings dedicated to this motif, which captivate the viewer especially through their unique colourfulness, testify to his deep love of nature.

One of these paintings is the work “Evening Mood”, which shows a deserted landscape. The foreground and thus the meadow at the lower edge of the picture and the clouds at the upper edge of the picture are applied in a thick layer of colour and create a relief-like effect. In terms of colour, these areas of the picture are dominated by a dark colour, but Evard succeeds in giving an expressive impression of a sunset through his special use of colours such as red, violet, pink and yellow.